Eon Kid Season 1 - Episodes 14-26 (2 discs)
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Eon Kid Season 1 - Episodes 14-26 (2 discs)
Rental Release Date: 3/06/2009
Retail Release Date: 3/06/2009
If Ben 10 is working for you…so will EON KID! 11 year-old Marty continues on his mission to fight the forces of evil with the help of the ‘Iron Fist’ Following the season’s successful airing on Channel 10’s toasted TV and the launch of its toy range, EON KID has earned a following of loyal fans. This is the final DVD of Season 1. Written by Nicole Dubuc (Kim Possible) and Ben Townsend (Ninja Turtles).
Directed by: Daeil Kang
SRP: $19.95
Running time: 308 min
Genre(s): Animated Series
Catalogue No.: STZ1242
APN: 9336178012424
Rating: PG
Subtitles: not available
Audio: 2.0
Aspect ratio: 4:3
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