Harlock Space Pirate
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Harlock Space Pirate
Rental Release Date: 19/03/2014
Retail Release Date: 19/03/2014
This popular series comes to life as rebel space pirate Captain Harlock and his fearless crew fight against the corrupt government that rules Earth, while a dark secret threatens the very existence of the planet.

It is the year 2977 and 500 billion displaced humans long to return to the planet they still refer to as home.

Captain Harlock is the one man standing between the corrupt Gaia Coalition and their quest for complete intergalactic rule. Seeking revenge against those who wronged both mankind and himself, the mysterious space pirate roams the universe in his battle cruiser, the Arcadia, defiantly attacking and pillaging enemy ships.

Gaia Fleet leader Ezra sends his younger brother, Logan, to infiltrate the Arcadia and assassinate Harlock. But Logan will soon discover that things are not always what they seem and that legends are born for a reason.
Starring: David Matranga (as Harlock), Adam Gibbs (as Logan), Emily Neves (as Mimay), Jessica Boone (as Kei)
Directed by: Shinji Aramaki
SRP: $24.95
Features: N/A
Running time: 107 min
Genre(s): Sci Fi Animation
Catalogue No.: STZ1864
APN: 9336178018648
Rating: PG
Subtitles: N/A
Audio: 5.1
Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • “Mythic, epic and visually unprecedented. Harlock will take you to a whole new universe of ideas” James Cameron (Director, Avatar)
  • “…pedal-to-the metal action…” – The Hollywood Reporter
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