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Against the Wild: The Great Elephant Adventure

Family / Adventure
3 October 2018


When orphan, Phoenix Wilder, moves from his foster family in Michigan, to his aunt’s house in Africa, it seems his life has finally changed for the better. From the moment he arrives, Phoenix falls in love with the African landscape and his aunt showers him with the love and kindness he has been missing. But when he becomes lost in the bush, he must learn to conquer his fears and survive in the beautiful yet untamed wilderness. Stumbling upon a giant bull elephant caught in a net, he sets him free and they become companions. With poachers operating in the area, Phoenix soon realises that the jungle is not the worst danger he will have to face and, with his new companion, sets out on an epic adventure in this uplifting, feel-good movie the whole family can enjoy.

Against the Wild: The Great Elephant Adventure

Elizabeth Hurley, Sam Ashe Wood, Louis Minnaar

Richard Boddington