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All The Devil’s Men

Action / Thriller
6 February 2019


A blistering action thriller, All The Devil’s Men delivers an unflinching portrayal of the modern elite soldier, as seen through the eyes of Jack Collins (star- in-the-making Milo Gibson), a battle-scarred ex-Navy SEAL operating as an assassin for the CIA. As part of a three-man team, Collins is sent by his handler (Sylvia Hoeks – Blade Runner 2049) to London and tasked with hunting down a disavowed CIA Operative before he procures a WMD from Russian gangsters. With countless lives at stake, the manhunt begins – but Collins is about to discover that a former colleague and his team of private soldiers stand in their way.

All The Devil’s Men

Milo Gibson, William Fichtner, Sylvia Hoeks

Matthew Hope