CSI NY Season 9

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CSI: NY Season 9

TV Series/Crime
15 April 2015


In this final season of CSI:NY, the rush for justice never ends. Still reeling from a shooting incident that nearly took his life, lead detective Mac Taylor defies the odds to get back on the streets. His second-in-command Det. Jo Danville never misses a clue, including warning signs that her boss’s mind suffers from the aftermath. But in spite of personal challenges, this team of relentless crime fighters; Danny, Lindsay, Sid, Adam, Sheldon and Flack, crack the most impossible cases. From an arsonist with a personal grudge to a twisted serial killer who patterns his murders after a popular board game, no perpetrator can outrun the clues they leave behind. But when the woman Mac loves is victimised in a complex kidnapping, they’ll need the additional assistance of D.B. Russell from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation®. Take a closer look at all the evidence in all seventeen thrilling episodes collected in this five-disc set.

CSI: NY Season 9

Gary Sinise, Sela Ward, Carmine Giovinazzo, Anna Belknap, Robert Joy, AJ Buckley, Hill Harper, Eddie Cahill