Doc Martin On the Edge

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Doc Martin On the Edge

TV Series/Comedy
10 October 2007


From the producers of Sliding Doors and Saving Grace. All is not well in Portwenn, the home of Dr Martin EllinghamÂ…The peaceful village life is shattered by an invasion of tourists, eager for a sighting of a rare bird. Colonel Spencer tries to keep the bird a secret to protect it from would-be egg thieves but Burt sees an opportunity to make a bit of spare cash. At the surgery Martin may be losing his receptionist and at the same time is undergoing an inspection that threatens his position as GP. Louisa’s father Terry returns to the village…he left under a cloud years ago after some charity money went “missing” now he’s hatched a scheme to smuggle explosives. Jonathan is suffering manic depression and is neglecting to take his medication causing him to act irrationally and things get even worse when the Doc and Louisa find themselves held hostage. A near death may force a few locals to regret making Portwenn their home!

Doc Martin On the Edge

Martin Clunes, Caroline Catz, Stephanie Cole, Ian McNeice, Joe Absolom, and Katherine Parkinson

Ben Bolt