New Worlds

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New Worlds

TV Series/Drama
6 August 2014


A lavish new drama mini-series set in England and America in the 1680’s, New Worlds is a powerful story of love, courage, sacrifice and the struggle for liberty and justice. In the turbulent aftermath of the English Civil War, King Charles II’s tyrannical rule has led to a climate of violence and fear in England and her American colonies. Amid the chaos, four young idealists fall in love as they commit to forging a fairer future with blood, passion and urgency. But to achieve this, they must be prepared to pay the ultimate price. Beautifully shot, with outstanding performances from a talented cast, New Worlds will immerse audiences in a compelling and visually spectacular story of the people, events and ideas that shaped the world we live in today.

New Worlds

Eve Best, Joe Dempsie, Jamie Dorman, Alice Englert, Freya Mayor, Jeremy Northam

Charles Martin