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So B. It

14 March 2018


For as long as Heidi can remember, her mother has had only 22 words in her vocabulary. And that’s fine with the precocious 12-year-old – they live happily in a bubble of love and protection provided by their remarkable neighbour, Bernadette. Then one day, a new word pops out of her mother’s mouth and it changes everything. Propelled on a cross-country journey where secrets will boil to the surface and long-hidden fears will be faced, Heidi will finally discover who she is and where her childlike mum came from.

From the bestselling book by Sarah Weeks, SO B. IT is a film of love, humanity and courage with just a touch of magical whimsy. With an amazing cast lead by Oscar® nominee* Alfre Woodard and startling newcomer Talitha Bateman, this “beautiful coming-of-age drama^” is one of the year’s best and most unmissable movies!

So B. It

Talitha Bateman, Alfre Woodard, Jacinda Barrett, Cloris Leachman, John Heard

Stephen Gyllenhaal