Willliam Kelly’s War

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Willliam Kelly’s War

15 April 2015


Australia 1914. As the Great War begins, brothers Billy and Jack Kelly enlist and are shipped out to serve with the diggers in Europe. Billy, a crack marksman, is singled out to head up a sniper team and his ability and courage soon find him with a tally of “kills” that impresses even the enemy. From the trenches of Gallipoli, across the Western Front and through the bloodiest battlefields in history, these brave boys are becoming heroes. But when they finally return home, they find themselves facing another battle, not for freedom, but fot the very lives of the ones they love. In this unforgettable story set against one of the darkest times in history, experience the true Aussie spirit that has shaped the legends that still endure today.

Willliam Kelly’s War

Josh Davis, Mathew Davis, Lachlan Hume, Tony Bonner

Geoff Davis